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About Us

Preferred Elevator Inc. works hard to deliver what matters to you: safe, reliable, and comfortable mobility in your buildings. For the convenience of our customers we have two office locations, one located in midtown Manhattan, New York City and in Secaucus, NJ.


Preferred Elevator Inc.’s maintenance department employs highly trained technicians in all phases of elevator and escalator maintenances’. Our technicians attend annual classes to update them on the newest equipment from Swift, Motion & GAL. This training assures our customers that they will receive the proper maintenance and trouble shooting skills to keep their equipment running safely for years to come.


Our goal to satisfying customer needs is our #1 priority. Our staff provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.




We are committed to looking after your long-term investments with your vertical transportation needs.


Because each customer’s requirements are different, at Preferred Elevator Inc. our contracts are tailored to meet our customer’s needs and demands. Our contracts range from:

Oil and Grease

Parts, Oil & Grease

Full Maintenance

Full Maintenance inclusive of 24-hour service

In addition, we are please to offer our customers three (3) programs that are geared to help our customers save money. Please inquire about our:

Multiple elevator discount: which entitles our customers who present themselves with more than ten (10) elevators to receive a 5% discount monthly.

One month free maintenance: which entitles our customers to receive one free maintenance after all twelve (12) monthly maintenance payments are made within a given time frame of 25 days.

Two (2%) percent discount: is offered to our customers that make their payments within a net ten day period. 




At Preferred Elevator Inc. we provide our clients with an extensive maintenance log book that is permanently maintained in your motor room, which can be easily accessed by any member of your staff, giving our clients peace of mind, that they are receiving proper maintenance. Through proper maintenance we can help extend the longevity of your elevator equipment.

As an added concern for our customers and the environment, we utilize all earth friendly and or biodegradable cleaner, lubricants and solvents where possible. We recycle all old oils and dispose of our debris in an EPA/ earth-friendly manner.


Preferred Elevator Inc. has the full capability to make all necessary repairs from the smallest dumbwaiter to the largest service elevator. Our technicians are highly trained in rigging equipment and all safety aspects of the job. The mechanics are fully equipped with all necessary tools and safety equipment to perform the job efficiently. Some of our repairs include but are not limited to:

Installing rails

Overhauling major machines

Hoisting cable replacement

Escalator repair

Hand rail replacement

Step replacement

Overhaul/ rebuild escalator system

All types of hydraulic repairs

Motor and generator repairs

Cab repairs

Shaftway door repair

Fire and water damage



Our repair teams have the means of safely removing your equipment and transporting it to a repair facility for repair. 

Another benefit of choosing Preferred Elevator Inc. is our repair department is qualified minor electrical repairs, including but not limited to:

Pit light

Car top lighting

Motor room light and receptacles

Main line disconnect


Our repair technicians have the training to remove any and all violations that may be issued by the city of state. Our repair department will follow up with all necessary paperwork to dismiss any and all violations.



At Preferred Elevator Inc. we provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that we use quality equipment for your upgrade. Our mechanics are trained in all fields of modernization from a simple machine upgrade to a complete new elevator system. Our technicians are well aware of the current codes and requirements that are necessary to do the job right the first time.

We are pleased to inform our clients that we have completed our modernizations within our given timeline and have come within budget with 95% accuracy.




Modernizing your elevator system offers a variety options that are in the best interest of our customers.

Updated equipment

Increased reliability

Energy efficient

Redesigned elevator cab to compliment buildings atmosphere

Perform all work within state, city, and local code requirements

In house financing for qualified customers (please inquire within for further information)




The modernization department at Preferred Elevator Inc. can help design a package that will best fit your needs. We give our customer a worry free modernization by keeping our customer informed on a step by step basis on their major investment. We will present all available options and assist our customers in acquiring their ideal package, from a variety of fixtures to a selection of cab finishes.

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